Chilling News!

Greeitings, Hero!

The chilling breathe of winter has finally reached the Worlds of Necklace, brining not only snow, but New Year’s adventures as well.

Snow Queen and her bewitched Alfae once again have returned to the Worlds of Necklace, horrible Krampus occupied The Soul Well and Vicious Fir-tree grabbed the Arena of Gladiators in its prickly paws and organized New Year League!
Shaman and Prince are welcoming the brave to go along their Paths. By the way, the Prince has prolonged his Path for 5 more Steps, so that you can not only get Prince mask, but also upgrade it! Though the last Steps are hidden in the severe blizzard, you shouldn’t be sad, for every blizzard is over, sooner or later!

Happy holidays, Hero!

P.S. And don’t forget about New Year Chest at the Treasury!