Oblivion Surprizes

Greetings, Hero!
The Titans' Gauntlet is dusting useless in your Backpack, isn't it? It's time to change the things! The Mages and Shamans of the Necklace have found the way to recharge the Gauntlet! You need to get the Titans' Sphere!

Where you can find it? At the moment there are two ways: get it from Astaroth or create at the Forge. Of course, there're some difficulties in both cases. Astaroth isn't very found of giving Spheres away, even after a defeat. And recipe of creating Titans' Sphere in the Forge may alter at any moment.

Forseeng his defeat, Astaroth has retreated further into the depths of his Temple, to the separate stage. Now you'll need Titan Keys to attack Astaroth.

The Fort Commander isn't idle, and has put Astaroth into the Trophies List. For the first victory the Hero will get Titans' Gauntlet or Titans' Sphere, if he/she already has the Gauntlet.

And finaly, the Merchant organizes a legendary sale of epic and legendary weapons! Check your Bonuses. The offer is actual till February, 12th.