Treasures of the Arch!

Greetings, Hero!

The birthday celebration goes on, in spite of Baron Samedy's zombie hordes attacking the Necklace. But don't be desperate, we've brought some good news!

First of all, the spies have discovered the secret of Baron Samedy's mask battle skill. "Ill-Wish" deals 200% Damage and with chance depending on Shield comparing, casts "Curse" effect on the current and two random enemies for one turn! As you remember, Curse decreases Agility by 50%.

Karkadann's skill also effects "Ill-Wish" prolonging Curse up to three turns.

If you wear Gry-Gry totem, then, with chance, depending on Totem's quality, you'll get additional combat bonus "Gry-Gry". It allows to control any Cursed enemy and make him attack three random allies with a Rare Dagger!

Besides, the Autumn Path has opened at the Arena of the Gladiators. At the end of it you can find another 25 Essenses for Baron Samedy Mask.

And finaly, it's time to open the Ancient Arch! There're rumours, that it contains something never seen before in the Necklace of Worlds.