Happy Birthday!

Greetings, Hero! The Necklace of Worlds is celibrating its anniversary in the early days of autumn.

At the Arena of Gladiators starts traditional birthday season, where you can win essences for Mabon Masks, Gry-Gry Totem as well as items for its upgrade and metamorphosis. Besides, participants of each battle will get Keys for the Birthday Chest in the Treasury.

And winners group of the Arena Of Shadows will get one Karkadan's Cage, that can be taken by any participant of the group.

Surely, you can get presents everywhere: fighting the rushing monsters, entering the Liars, at Arenas and then send these presents to the other Heroes!

But not all the news are so bright! Baron Samedy is going to conquer the Necklace Of Worlds right now! Anyone can become part of his Zombie army, even you!

But don't be desperate, Hero! The Titans has already taken all the needed measures: evil spells work only till the end of the day, and first 25 Essences of Baron Samedy's Mask are already in the holiday Chest.

The Titans will also watch the struggle between the Defenders of the Necklace and Zombies. The victorious side (yes, Zombies also can win) will define the reward, that will get all the Heroes, when Autumn Feast and Birthday celebrations are over!