Arena's New Rules

Greetings, Hero!
Master of Arena doesn't sit idly, and tries to make fights at the Arena Of Gladiators easier.

From now on the rules of effeciency's calulation are simple and transparent. The points are given only for inflicting damage to the enemies: 500 points for Single Strike or Dagger, 3000 points for combat skills,that cost 30 mana, or Rare Dagger and 6000 points for combat skills that cost 50 mana.

Besides, Master isn't fond of big and strong Heroes, who are fighting in the weak Leagues at the Arena of Gladiators. Thus he desided to grant additional Trophies for those, who fight in the suitable League. Suitable League is defined very easily: if a Hero has mask needed for the "A" League, but doesn't have mask for "B" League, then "A" League is suitable for him and he will get one additional Trophy for each victory for granted. I.E. if a Hero has Ghost mask but doesn't have Butcher mask, then Silver League will be suitable for him. Dragon League is suitable for everyone who doesn't have Dragon mask, but have previous mask from set.

By the way, Arena Master will also teach all the Heroes, who fight in suitable Leagues, new combat bonus - Fiasco. It works with chance, depending on comparing Hero's and enemy's Agility. But unlike all other skills and Bonuses, this is a countrary one - the lower is your Agility, the higher is chance of successful use.
The effect of this great bonus is simple - the enemy effected by Fiasco in the next turn will strike himself if he use any combat skill.