Astral Storm!

Greetings, Hero!

How often were you upset with your loot from the Darkside? These sorrows are now in the past. Mages and Shamans of Necklace proudly present you the newest artefact - Astral Cresset!

With this magnificent artefact for every victory at the Darkside you will get 1 Essence for any Mask that you haven't upgraded till maximum. The effect lasts 24 hours. There are two types of Cresset: regular one allows you to get Essences of any regular Mask ( From Beast till Robber), and rare Astral Cresset attracts Premium Essences (Premium, Horror, Chill , Inferno). Type of Essences depends on the level of Darkside. For example, fighting in the Fort of the Reborn, you can get Essences for the first Mask of each set. Where can you get such useful thing? Regular Cresset you can get for defeating any Deity of the Unknown Worlds at the last stage of its Lair. Rare Cresset can be crafted in the Forge from 3 regular ones (one per Deity).

Not only Mages and Shamans have good news, Hero! Chasseur has sent to everyone his newest Catalogue, using which you can summon back any pet, you've already caught, but lost or unleashed.