Desert’s terror

Greetings, Hero!

Do you hear Skeletons’re chattering teeth with fear? It's all because a new horrifing monster’s appeared in the Worlds of Necklace.

Garuda Devastator has dwelled in the Desert ( the first of the Unknown Worlds). Only team of three Dragons, gathered together can defeat him. As a reward, brave ones will get permanent Garuda totem, adding 20 mana points, rare Dragon ring Spyral and Ermeralds for its upgrade.

Don't forget to gather Garuda's Blood, soon it will be needed for Totem's repair and upgrading Guild's Golems.

Titans also have good news for those, who are fond of singning and dancing. Up till April,15th there's a special offer for purchasing Skald or Dancer appearance.

Besides, don't miss Dragon League fights at the Arena Of Gladiators, where you also can win temporary totems increasing your mana pool.