Prince's Path

Greetings, Hero! Crazy Fir Tree a is gleaming again! It means that New Year League is open! Join the fights at the Arena of Gladiators to get the keys for the New Year Chest.
But this isn't all! Try to complete new Shaman`s Path quest line and get Alfae Shaman's appearance. Those Heroes, who will go the Prince's Path (check the Bonuses menu), will get 50 unique rewards, including Joll masks and 25 Lanterns to complete Prince mask. Full list of rewards can be found in your Backpack in the "Path" folder.
All the rewards for both Prince's and Shaman's Paths will be stored under the Fir Tree in your House (in the Army's or Flame World). They will be stored there even if you don't go this Path, so you can get them as soon as you use the special offer.
Happy New Year, Hero!