Black Friday Great Sale!

Greetings, Hero!

Merchant has just finished shifts and replacements in his Shop and is proud to show you his new assortment!

Now you can find there Dark Arts Scrolls, that will help you to master your skills faster. Besides, he suggests a large variaty of Chests, where you can find Legendary and Epic items, Season Masks’ Essensces, Hero Masks Essences and many other useful things. Dragon lovers will be glad to know, that Dragon Essences, Hearts and Ermeralds are also avaliable at the Shop! And all of these treasures are with 70% discount! Hurry up to enjoy Merchant’s generousity! The offer is only till December, 1st!

The Titans also managed to weaken Angmar a bit. From now on death of your teammate doesn’t increase allies’ Madness. Thus you’ve got better chance to defeat Skeleton King.