Pumpkin pet.

Fresh pumpkin news, Hero! The mystery of Pumpkin seed is solved!

Each Hero, who gоt magic Pumpkin Seed from defeated King Jack, can grow it into unique pet - Evil Jack. It's special not only because of its combat skills or valuable loot. It's the only pet, which can be set on any enemy you chose, Hero!

For this you need Evil Jack and special artefact - Jack's Cell (sometimes the Cell is enough).

Using the Cell, you can chose any Hero in the location and send Evil Jack to attack him. Jack's strength depends on enemy's characteristics, so you don't need to worry, will your pet win or will it perish ingloriously in the battle. Moreover, no-one will ever know, who set the pet on your enemy. The fight is between the pet and the Hero, the name of the peet's owner doesn't show anywhere.

If Jack wins, it will cause its enemy one of four injuries, effecting Hero's stats. In case, the defeated Hero already gas all 4 injuries, he'll get Fatal Injury, that will prevent him from joining any combat, till it's slept or cured with Medkit.

You wonder where to get such a miraculous Cell? Everething is pretty easy.

After fight on the Arena Of Gladiators most effective Heroes from both winners and defeated ones will get one Rare Jack's Cell.

You can also get one Cell for completing repeating quest "Pumpkin Hammer". One rare Cell allows you to set Evil Jack on any Hero in the location for once. It also doesn't require you to have this pet in your House.

For every victory at the Arena Of Shadows, Guild group will get one Perfect Jack's Cell.

This Cell allows to set pet on other Heroes in the location numbers of times, but only once in an hour. You also need to have Evil Jack pet at House to use Perfect Cell.