Pumpkins are coming!

Halloween is already knocking at your doors, Hero! And horrible King Jack has already unleashed his monstrous pumpkin army!

Defeat King Jack and get as a reward... Well, it's gonna be a surprize! What will be your reward you'll learn only next week, in the second part of the event! Titans promise it'll be also terrific!

Don't forget to fight at the Arena of Gladiators! The most effective winner of each fight will get unique "Trick or Treat" potion. Use it to turn into a terrifying \Pumpkin Centaur for 24 hours.

Those Heroes, who will be in the TOP-100 holiday rating by the end of the event, will get this appearance for whole next year!How to get in this rating? It's very easy! Destroy all King Jack's Pumpkins you meet in the Necklace Worlds!