Great Shaman Gry-Gry

Great news, Hero! The secrets of the Mabon masks' combat skills have been revealed!

"Curse" skill deals 200% damage to the enemy and with chance depending on Shield stat compared, curses enemy for the next turn, lowering his Agility for 50%.

However, it's not that simple, Hero. If you use Curse alongside with battle bonus Flame of Karkadann, the enemy will be wickened for 3 turnes instead of one. And if you have Gry-Gry's Totem, with chance depending on Totem's quality, you can get additional combat bonus Gry-Gry, while using Curse. This bonus allows you to control any cursed enemy making him attack himself or random ally with Rare Dagger, using all his combat bonuses. Mention that the Dagger isn't confiscated from the belt or backpack. In fact, effected enemy may not have it at all.

Besides, Hero, don't foreget that the Winter is coming! You can alreadty feel its chilling breathing in the air!

In honor of this new holiday seasons are started at the Arena Of Gladiators. During next 6 weeks you can take part in Joll, Eastre and Midsommar's seasons.

During first Joll season you can get items, necessary for creating and ugrading Joll masks, or join Dragon League to win unique Vilitsa ring.

That’s all for now!