Necklace’s Birthday!

Necklace is celebrating its birthday in early autumn, Hero!

What can you expect?

First of all, new set of Mabon masks, unique pet to this set and new Totem, which will combine into an explosive mix able to control other Heroes in fights.

Secondary, special presents, of course! Fight raiding monsters and in Liars, join battles on Grand-Arena, Arena Of Champions and new season of Arena Of Gladiators, get presents as a reward and send them to other Heroes. Hundred of most generous presenters will get Karkadann pet at the end of the event.

Thirdly, the new season of the Arena Of Gladiators will start on Monday, September, 24th with unique rewards. You can win there new masks and Totem, as well as ingredients for its upgrade and metamorphosis. Besides, in each fight both winners and defeated ones will get keys from the holiday chest in the Treasury.

Finaly, each team, that has won fight on the Arena Of Shadows will get one Cage of Karkadann, that can be taken by any teammate. Opening the Cage, you'll get unique pet Karkadann or 28 points of food, if you already have this pet.

Enjoy the celebration, Hero!