Indian Summer

Greetings, Hero!

The Wheel Of Year keeps on spining. This time the Merchant brought to the shop chests with Eastre masks and new unique Blossom earings. And if you check Bonuses, you'll find special offer with new Eastre pet - Ent.

If you, Hero, will sow Seed of Wrath in your enemy and strike him under combat bonus from your Ent, instead of ordinary Color of Wrath, which from now on gives bonuses to any of characteristics, not only Fury, defeated enemy will turn into Defence Mushroom. This Mushroom not only gives bonuses like Color Of Wrath does, but also protects all your alies from the additional effects of Dragons' combat skills.

The Blossom earings are also pretty useful. If you're wearing one, it'll give you additional chance (depending on item's quality) to grow Color of Wrath or Defence Mushroom, each time you use Seed of Wrath.

These offers will be avaliable till October,1st, 2:00 PM (UTC +3) .