Yoll gifts and Krampus chests.

The Wheel of the year keeps on spinning, Hero!

Up to September, 14th don't lose the opportunity to get full winter set, containing Yoll masks, unique pet and new Vilitsa ring.

Simuran pet has a unique bonus Manavortex. If you use it alongside with combat skill "Crack, Crack!", and skill attack was successfull, the enemy will lose not 15, but all 100 mana. And if you're wearing Vilitsa ring, with chance depending on ring's level, 15 mana, taken from the enemy, will be added to your mana pool. Legendary ring, as usually gives you garanteed chance to get additional mana from Crack,Crack! skill.

Where can you get these? Check your Bonuses menu and come to see Merchant in his shop.

By the way, Merchant did his best and found pack of Krampus chests. He doesn't know, what's inside, but for sure, content will be useful for creating and upgrading Krampus mask.

Hurry up, Hero, these offers will be avaliable only till September, 14th.