Midsommar Gifts!

Greetings, Greetings, Hero! The summer is coming to the end, but not the heat in the Worlds of Necklace.

Hurry up to get full summer set, including Midsommar masks, unique pet and renewed Eye of Anubis amulet.

Interested in details? Here they are. Vulture pet has a unique bonus Solstice. If you use it alongside with the combat skill Palm of Anubis, defeated enemy will turn not intо the Nergal's Mimic, but into more interesting ally - Grand Master's Mimic. This ally always stands in front of the current enemy, giving you a couple of turns to rest and replaces any enemy's skills with hollow ones, preventing Dragons from using their skills and defending you from additional damage. Just as Nergal's Mimic this ally also copies all the stats of the defeated enemy.

And this isn't all! Renewed summer amulet also got unique features. If you're wearing it, any successful attack with Palm Of Anubis with chance will summon Nergal's Mimic on your side ( or Grand Master's Mimic, if it was used alongside with the Vulture's combat bonus). Thus you can summon a small army on your side.

How to get all these? Check your Bonuses menu and don't forget to visit Merchant's shop. This offer is avaliable for 2 weeks, and will end on August, 31st!