Hot summer has come to the Worlds Of Necklace,Hero, and brought new trouble.

Lord of Elements - an ancient deity that rules the forces of nature - has invaded our universe!

Hurry up to banish him and get new masks of the Midsommar set.

The Lord has sent Blaze Elemental to the Soul Well. Only group of 15 or more Heroes can fight it and get Sickles, necessary for creating and upgrading Muzalim mask. Three most effective Heroes will also get precious chests, where they will find Lances,necessary for creating and upgrading Raid mask.

In the Old Harbour you, Hero, you have to fight the Lord Of Elements personaly or within Guild group. As the reward you'll get Bows, necessary for creating and upgrading Nakeeb mask. Mages and Shamans are watching over the fights and lead summaries of the best ones ( "Event" button in the main menu).

100 best Heroes and 100 best Guilds will get special rewards for victories over the Lord of Elements.

Top 100 Heroes will get new Beggar's Mask. This mask provides a unique option - you can attack Scalds and Dancers, while they are performing. By the way, from now on Scald or Dancer will get their reward not immediately, but a minute later, counting from the begining of the performance.

During this minute any Beggar can attack Scald or Dancer, and then enter any fight with them. If victorious, the Beggar will get performer's reward, if not - he will lose the same sum of gold.

The reward for the top 100 Guilds will be announced later. The rewards will be given at the end of the event, July, 10, 2018.

The Merchant, as usually, takes benifits and offers to open Summer Chest in the Treasury, where he has put new item - Eye Of Anubis. Those, who get this amulet from the Summer Chest, will be able to improve battle skill "Palm Of Anubis". And those, who manage to get Tusks of Anubis from the Summer Chest, Soul Well and fights with the Lord of Elements, will be able to upgrade it up to legendary. Don’t lose your chance, Hero!