Arena of Shadows.

eetings, Hero! Great news for those who's in lack of legendary whetstones. From now on Titans open new Arena Of Shadows, ruled by Procurator Ghost.

You can get there from the Drakside. Its rules are much alike to the Gladiators' but the fights are between guild groups. Throught the season (each lasts 7 days) there will be 3 fights per day: at 11:00 AM (UTC +3), 4:00 PM (UTC+3) and 9:00 PM (UTC +3). Group leaders send application to participate in fight. Only one group (3 Heroes minimum) from the guild can participate in application. The battle will be between 2 groups from different guilds, whose total group Might is closest. The winners get 6 Trophies, losers - 3 Trophies. The more trophies you get, the higher is your rating. At the end of the season each guild get rewards according to their rating.

Curious rumors are heard from Grand-Arena. The Invisible Man is definately up to something! There's a new building open next to the Grand-Arena - Guild House. Yet it has few options, but noteworthy! Here Leader or Battlemaster of any giuld can buy, upgrade and activate new Golems for Grand-Arena fights. Each Golem can be bought and upgraded once and forever and effects at all the guild members. You can activate Golem you've bought for free. Once the Golem is activated, all the guild gets bonuses to certain characteristics both in attack and defence in all Grand-Arena fights. Minimal bonus (from 1st level Golem) is 30% and maximum (from 13th level Golem) is 1600%. You can upgrade Golems any time using gold and Deity Blood.

By the way, from now on Deity Blood is given not personaly but to the whole group, and leader can share it between the team-mates. Besides, the Merchant starts chain of special offers with Deity Blood. Each following offer you'll get after you've purchased the previous. Hurry up - the offer is limited and chain will be avaliable only for a week (till 12:00 AM (UTC +3), May, 23).

The Titans are kind, so the characteristics required to fight Deities were reduced to 3.000 Damage or Fury and 30.000 Shield or Health.

The Merchant has good news for those, who are tired of songs and dances. New artefact "Arachne`s Sticky web" can help you to tangle any Scald or Dancer. All you need to do is to catch Hero in this mask in Raider's or Black Book's fight, hit final blow with the Web (Just like the Altar Core) and the mask will be blocked for 4 hours.

More over, you can also convert crystals into gold at a very attractive rate. Every day, Hero, you can convert total 220 crystals into 16.5 million gold.

And finaly, cool news for those, who has collected Winter chests. They’ve melt down and can be opened, granting you either 2 Merchants’ Keys or 5 Blacksmith’ Keys. And for opening 100 chests you will get Krampus.