Paths of Golems!

Greetings, Hero! The winds of the Necklace bring news!

Meet new Guild quest "Way of Twig", which will progress alongside with the other Guild quests. As the reward for its completing all the Heroes in the Guild will get Essences of the Twig, last of the four Golems.

The Essenses of Obelisk are no longer avaliable in Deities' Layers.From now on each Guild will get Essenses of Defender Golem as reward for completing guild quest.

Eastre masks get their own combat skill - Seed of Wrath. If you defeat your enemy using this skill, he will be replaced with Dreadful Flower, which will encrease your team's Fury with every round.

Non-combat skills of Scald and Dancer were fixed. From now on the effect of dance/song and its cost depends on the level of the Hero, on which the effects will be applied. The effect's cost varies from 600 to 4800 gold, Scald or Dancer will get half of the sum. The amount of the effect was also fixed and now it varies from 25 to 45 percent.

Pet lovers can complete special quests and tame Lion and Thunderbird. These pets are avaliable for all Heroes, who had reached the Flame World.

The Blacksmith continues creating new items. From now on new legendary amulet - Altar is avaliable for metamorphosys it the Forge.

Altar's Core was also altered by the Titans. Now it causes damage equal to the Rare Dagger and doesn't require certain Health level of the enemy. You can get it in the Merchant's Shop.

Besides, Merchant also prepared special offers with Ghost, Perfect and Epic gear. This time the price is in crystals.