Spring Fest!

Greetings, Hero! Titans congratulate you with the Spring Holiday and announce festive week!

Till March,21, 2:00 PM (+3 UTC) the Merchant will put new Spring Chest to the Treasury. You can get a lot of rewards from it, most noticable are Seeds for creating and upgrading new set of temporary masks - Eastre.

Besides, every Hero, who will open Spring Chest 500 times, will get special reward - Scald's or Dancer's mask. Having such mask, you can sing a beautiful song or dance for any other Hero and receive gold reward once per 30 minutes. (Mind, that in future, the scheme of work might be changed, but the gold reward will remain).

The keys from the Spring Chest you can get as a reward for the Fort Commander's quest (repeated every 4 hours) or for victories at the Grand - Arena.

By the way, Titans have fixed the rewards at the Grand-Arena. From now on the rewards will be given according to the place, the Guild had at 12:00:00 AM (UTC +3), in case if any of Guild members had fought before this time.

Besides, the Blacksmith has opened one more metamorphosis of the legendary set. Helm Canon awaits its creators in the Forge.

Also great news for those, who were searching for Griffin, Manticore, Basislisk and Wyvren essenses. Now they can be found in the Blacksmith’s Chest.