Defender Week

Yet again the Worlds Of Necklace need your help, Hero!
The Defender Week has begun, so everyone should participate in protecting our universe.
Complete daily quests, fight at the Arena Of Gladiators to get Hero's Souls and create powerful artefact - Defender Figurine.
Use it in battles to summon Defender, whose characteristics and skills will be identical to yours (except Dragons', Beasts' and Golems' combat skills).
Speaking of the Arena Of Gladiators, by the way. Last hours of the current season and whole next season all the potions, artefacts and combat bonuses will work just as in other fights.
The Blacksmith has also made every effort and completed metamorphosis of the legendary Boots - Hellenes.
From now on every Hero can create them in the Forge.
Another caravan full of various curiosas was seen near the Merchant's Shop. Sure, our cunning tradester is glad to offer you new goods. For example, new artefact, called Altar Core, will be avaliable in the Merchant’s Chest the whole week.
This item has unique features: if you deliver final blow with this artefact to the enemy (Heroes only, not the Hero's Avatar), defeated Hero will lose his current Mask, more over, the Mask will be unavaliable to use for 4 hours. All the bonuses from the blocked mask will be deducted from Hero's characteristics. Once the blocking time is over, the mask will be returned to its owner.
Titans also have good news for Dragon lovers.
Now the additional damage from Greatness Dragon's combat skill is effected by bonuses from skills and items.