Gifts Of Love and Gifts Of War

Spring is knocking at the doors, Hero!
Love mood covers The Worlds Of Necklace, and it means that the time of gifts has come.
Get gifts for battles on Champions Arena, Grand-Arena and Darkside, and for defeating
monsters in Liars and Cities and send them to those, who you think is worthy.
If you haven't recieved "Passion" appearence last year, don't be sad and try once more this spring.
But the winds of Necklace have brought us not only the gifts of love, but the gifts of war
too. The Invisiable Man has once again changed rules and rewards of the Grand-Arena.
From now on the rewards will be given every day in certain time (12.00 PM (UTC+3), and the
number of the rewards was increased (within 1 week). Golems will temporary leave the Grand-Arena battles.
Monsters, that attack the cities, also have their gifts. From today the amount of gold for defeating or banishing of monsters was temporary but sufficiently increased. (except one monster from the City Of Dead, whose reward was decreased for 51 gold).
How long will it last, only Titans know.
And some other noteworthy news for you, Hero:
Titans have made Keys for Deities same both for the Normal and Epic modes.
Masks' creation and equipment's metamorphosis from now on counts as a guild tasks. (For
those Guilds, who has already got tasks on spending money, abovementioned expenses won't
be counted today).
Pumpkin Cutter and Winter Barrier are now avaliable to all Heroes via Alchemy, but remember, that items you get from Alchemy have better characteristics, but also have expiration date.
Colossuses and epic potions on the Arena Of Gladiators again work as before.