Blind Fights!

Heroes, watch out!

The Invisible Man's gone absolutely crazy! And Arena Master is no better!

New Gladiators Arena's season will start with several changes:

First of all, The Heroes in the fights will be invisiable. What does it mean? It's very simple: you cannot see who is your enemy - Hero's name, his current mask, characteristics and battle auras will be hidden.
Secondly, all the battle potions and bonuses like "Mana Flow", "Confusion" and "Deafenation" will work not at the moment you've used them, but in the beginning of the next turn.
Thirdly, the winners of each fight will play 30 legendary whetstones. (The number of stones you'll get depends on your effectiveness in the fight).
Those, who were waiting and searching for Golem Masks, we've got great news for you! From now on Obelisk's essences can be obtained for each victory over any Deity. Besides, the number of Colosses' essences in the Raid Chests from Grand Arena will be increased for five times. So 3 of Golems masks are avaliable for crafting and upgrading.

Besides, Titans decided to improve pets, and now you can use their battle bonuses each turn in the fight, though it will cost you 20 mana.
By the way, The Blacksmith has done his best, and now you can craft legendary earings - the Eye of Transfiguration.
Some more news: current equipment items can be now removed to the Storage.
And the Merchant also has great news for all Heroes. He's decreased prices for opening Blacksmiths' and Merchants' chests in the Treasury, and increased Black Spots' number you get from his chest and gold's amount was raised till 1.200.000 gold. How long will this last? Only Merchant knows...
These are all news, Hero! Hurry up to the Gladiators Arena and don't forget to visit Treasury!