Dragons, Golems and Beasts

The Master of Arena has brought very interesting news for you, Heroes.

He decided to unite final masks of sets into effective fight groups.

Golems and Beasts (Griffin, Manticore, Vivern and Basilisk) got additional combat bonuses, that alter Dragons' Combat Skills, making them much stronger. Since the Raider's Daggers are back as Guild quests' rewards, you can try new skills out in battles soon.

Pets (except the Unicorn) also have new combat skills, check their descriptions in the House, Hero!
Monsters, that attack the cities and live in the lairs, are also renewed. All the monsters' characteristics (till the Flame World) were increased, while in Unknown Worlds their characteristics were decreased.
Blacksmith also has great news. From now on in the Forge you can create legendary ring - The Gusset, that is said to unite all the Three.