Krampus and his wooden soldiers.

Heroes, there's an avalanche of news for you.

New Year's magic has changed all the pets. From now they are firstly hunters and secondly - great helpers in fights. Besides, your renewed pet may bring you one item, lost by other heroes in the liars with all durability and upgrades, that were, when it was lost. Pets also may bring you some loot,including gold, crystals or various whetstones.
Pets are subdivided according to the Worlds of Necklace, thus they bring items and loot from the World, they belong to. (Premium pets may bring epiс items and epic loot). All current Premium pets were renewed, other active pets will gradually disappear from collection. Unfortunately, new pets don’t effect your characteristics anymore.
But this isn't the only miracle. Titans decided to inhale life in Dragons Hearts, that you can get, defeating Deities. From now you'll get Hearts already full.
Legendary Whetstones also were changed. Now you'll get 5 gauranteed stones from every epic Guild Loot, but you won't get any for the victory in raid attacks.
But the main news is that once again Worlds of Necklace are celebrating New Year! All the Heroes can complete new year's quests once more and get new Winter Barier (with better characteristics and durability), masks of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden and lots of other gifts.
Vicious Fir-tree this time has seized the Arena of Gladiators and arranged new (and the only) League - New Year's one. There isn't either rating or rewards for it, but winners of each fight get 10 keys for the New Year Chest, and the defeated team gets 3 of them. The better you were in the battle, Hero, the better is your chance to get this precious key. What's in the new chest? A great amount of prizes, noteworthy - the elements for crafting new Joll masks. But remember, these masks are temporary, and have an expiry date - December, 1, 2018.
You can also get keys for New Year Chest, completing daily quests and defeating horrible Krampus, who has seized the Well Of Souls. Fights with Krampus are held every day on 12:00 AM, 4:00 PM and 8:00 PM (UTC+3).
Those, who wants to get legendary advantage, here's a great news for you. The metamotphosys of the legendary Dome Shield is now availible in the Forge.

Happy New Year! Have nice holidays!