Reckless Decade!

The Invisible Man got out of control! Watch out, Heroes!

Next 10 days (till December, 30) for every Guild Quest finished completely the Invisible Man will give unique Raider Daggers along with the regular rewards. Using such dagger, any guild member can start a fight with any member of the enemy-guild. The rules are the same as in the Black Book except that the Hero can use Guild's Help without any pauses.

The winner guild may get Guild Loot, which like Robber Loot, contains potions or Crystallid's essenses. The Guild Loot's level depends on enemy's equipment, and quantity - on their amount.

Besides, for each victory the Guild will get guarnteed 10 Legendary Whetstones, using which you can turn 3 star Titan's Sword into legendary weapon of the Three - Three Aspects. The Hero, who won whetstones in the battle, can either keep them or put into the Guild's Storage.
More over, The Invisible Man made a deal with the Merchant about 70% discount on Black Spots and withdrawn the limits on daily number of Black Book's attacks.
Besides, you'll get Robbers' essenses from the Loot till the first 4 masks of the set are upgraded to the maximum, and the number of the potions (except the Epic ones) is also increased.
Sad news for the owners of the Perfect and Epic items: now to fix first ones it'll take 4 Perfect whetstones per point, and to fix second ones you'll need 5 Epic whetstones. Repairing the other equipment will require from 3 (Ghost items) to 1 (common ones) whetstones. Besides, each defeat will deprive 2 durability points from all slots, and victory will take one point from every unprotected slot.