King Jack and his pumpkins

- Can you hear these frightening whispers, too?
- Don't you know what they mean?

Just like a year before, the abysmal pumpkins have smashed their way through the portals into the Necklace! Led by Saucy Pumpkin, their hordes show no mercy. Fight or flight - there is no other way.
Help to defeat them and get great reward - unique perfect dagger - Pumpkin Cutter, which you can later upgrade in the Forge, using Pumpkin Totems.
Unique King Jack quest is on now.
Having completed the whole chain of King Jack quests, you'll be granted a unique pet - Horror Dragon. This is no ordinary animal companion. It must be fed with the special fodder sold by Merchant in the Shop (only till the holidays end, then it's purchase will be unavailable!). Should you miss a feeding, the Dragon will be rendered powerless, and restoring it will be impossible!
Have fun, Hero!