New Grand-Arena

Greetings, Heroes!

Titans are going to please all the champions today! The Grand Arena opens their doors for the bravest!
But be careful - the rules have changed:

No more sleepless nights - since today you are able to participate in the Grand Arena fights anytime! All you need - is to gather loyal companions in the “Guild” menu. Your rivals will be the members of the Guild that takes the higher place in the Rating Table. One victory is enough to change the situation on the Grand Arena score. During the fight, you will face Incarnations of the randomly attacked guild fighters. The Incarnation power is equal to that Hero Champions Arena power.
The mighty Golems will not stand aside - each Golem will apply “Golems Shield” effect on the Hero Incarnation. The shield absorbs 90% of all damage inflicted to the Incarnation, and also protects it from all negative effects from combat abilities and daggers throws. The attacking Heroes will gain “Golem Sword” ability from their Golems. Golem’s Sword grants the possibility to throw down the Shield effect from any defenders Incarnation. For successful shield removal - the same Golems must be hired, while the Golem of the Heroes must be at least at the same level of the Incarnation’s Golem.
Last but not least - the rewards! There are two types of the rewards in the Grand Arena - the Raid reward and The Guild reward. The Raid reward is a personal reward for all active (those heroes who have participated at least in one combat during the season) guild members. The Guild reward - is a collective reward. The Number of Guild reward is limited. One of the privileges of the Guild Reward is a possibility to sell it on the Market directly from the Guild Storage.