It's Time to Save!

Arena Master is waiting for fearless heroes at the Arena of Gladiators! Arena`s new season has started - Premium Season. Hurry into battles, as now the spoils are essences of Premium line masks!
For heroes whose gold is scarce, the Titans have prepared a good news - from now on, 10% of all gold expenditure (it concerns the same expenses as in the guild quests, except Market transactions) get into a special Titans' Piggybank. At any moment (and as many times as necessary) a hero can open the Piggybank (for a modest fee) and get all the gold collected there. Titans' Piggybank can be found in the Bonuses menu (while its empty, it's not displayed in the menu).

Aside from this, the Titans are warning that Surtr Mask quest should be reaquired by those who were having it actived.

Mages and Shamans have managed to reroute the portal in the Soul Well, hero! And though Phoenix, as his nature demands, has risen from ashes, defeating him has now become simpler. Now killing him requires just three heroes wearing masks of Elemental, Warrior or Iblis, and the group is assembled immediately upon the number of volunteers reaching the required point (identical to assembling groups for Unstable Portal completion). Yet the rewards have lost in complexity either - each killing is guaranteed to earn all participants rare potions and perfect whetstones; and some may have a chance to receive a day-long chest with day-long perfect gear boosted by three stars. The first Phoenix killing rewards everyone with a special Trophy - an eternal chest with day-long epic gear boosted to the max.

Hero, you might have noticed that essence number in your Storage has risen prominently? No worries; it's the Titans' decision to raise the number of required an obtained essences tenfold. Hence, the current ones in your Storage have been adjusted to conform with the new values . Yet in the Darkside each murder will still earn you but one essence.

Ways of getting masks from the Elemental and Defender lines have been amended; essences needed to assemble Defender masks can be seized from city-raiding monsters (type and number of essences that could be looted will get displayed on the monsters later on).

The Titans have increased the number of special offers in the Bonuses, thus very soon most impatient heroes will be able to get masks, keys or smithy materials faster than everyone around. Watch out the Bonuses menu, hero!

And finally - appearance of the Arena of Champions has been changed to become more convenient (the current list of active Champion Potions can be viewed in the hero's Effects); and unavailable portals now have reasons of their unavailability displayed (one just has to click the portal picture).

Look out for fresh news, hero!