Defend yourself

Arena Master is bored to death, hero. He is bored watching Champion battles, and he has decided to cheer us with a new amusement - Gladiator fights! A new Arena has opened in the worlds of Eagles and Lions instead of the Arena of Champions, ! Read its rules below, hero.

Battles in the Arena of Gladiators are accessible while completing the season, which lasts 7 days. Each season is dedicated to one of the mask lines. During a season, battles in the Arena start every day according to the schedule (every hour all day long).

All heroes in the Arena of Gladiators are divided into five Leagues. A League can be changed at any time of a season, yet only towards increasing League level (Bronze < Silver < Gold < Crystal < Dragon). Dependent on a League level, rewards that are issued at the end of each season to 250 best warriors (for each League separately) may vary. When a League is switched, points earned in the previous League are cancelled.

3One fight in the Arena of Gladiators involves 3 heroes with similar levels of Might, split into 2 teams.

According to the results of the fight, winning heroes receive 1 to 3 Trophies dependent on Efficiency they achieved (Combat eficiency increases with every use of a combat technique, bonus, potion or artifact, as well as their performance; for instance, the more damage a hero deals during the fight, the higher their Efficiency). The best warrior of the defeated team (based on Efficiency) receives 1 Trophy.

Rating of the number of Trophies gathered (separate for each League) is updated twice per hour.

The season starting today is dedicated to the most popular mask line - Chill!

Yet these aren't all news from the Arena Master - he has finally found a way to repel Robbers. Now, after every fight via the Black Book both participants receive 15 minute protection; and those lucky devils who complete the Arena Master's task will receive an eternal avatar "Paladin", which can be used to defend from Robbers at any convenient time!

Paladin Blacksmith has also decided to bring some joyful news - rare Deity totems can now be repared using Blood.

Terrifying news were received from the Lairs of Flameworld. A new fire Deity has settled there - the Rarog!

Defeat this monster to get an Excelent Whetstone or the Heart of Horror. This whetstone can be used to repair the epic gear. And the Heart is required to upgrade the Dragon of Horror mask.

However, the Heart from the Lair is dead. To upgrade the Dragon Mask, you will have to revive the heart first, filling it with any essences in the Forge. There is a new “Metamorphosis” tab for this purpose.

And finnnaly, now all pets’ battle abilities can be used once per three turns, regardless of the level of the pet. In addition, the pets from the line "Hero" and "Element" acquired unique combat bonuses.

That's all news, hero, now off to the Arena of Gladiators!