Black Book

Winds of the Necklace have brought latest news, hero. The Black book where Santa Claus, and later everyone with the same desire, listed 'the naughty', has acquired a new sense. When attacking via the Black book, for every battle-broken enemy item the hero has a chance to receive "Loot" with the quality identical to the broken item's. "Loot" can provide mask essences from the Robber line and potions (the higher Loot's quality, the higher the potion's quality and the essence number). Aside from this, the winner receives one point in the Robber rating. The Black spot which is used to put any hero into the Black book can now be bought in the Shop. To hold back most zealous Robbers, the Titans allow attacking via the Black book only 3 times a day.

And heroes who have gathered the whole Champion set using Alchemy and the Ghost set, are facing a new mission rewarded with a pet from the new Elements line.

The Titans have corrected the Keys used for Deity raids a bit. From now on, raiding Deity normal modes and Unstable portal of the Armies' world requires a "Fellowship key" (5 keys per day max), and heroic modes and Unstable portal of Flameworld - a "Titans' key" (10 keys per day max).

No more news, hero, see you!