Magic Transformations

Great news keep coming from the Titans, hero. Getting a Champion set or an epic chest with Phoenix has become even easier, and Unstable Portal with chests in the Treasury will cheer you with tons of potions! But first things first.

Blacksmith has revealed new secrets of his trade and as an experiment is offering everyone try transforming their Ghost gear set upgraded by 3 stars into eternal Champion set! Eqach gear item can be transformed just once completing the "Metamorphosis" quest.

Terms of killing Phoenix in Flameworld have changed a bit. Now both Warrior and Shihab get 3 drops of Phoenix blood for each action, and the number of Daggers the Warrior requires has become 1.5 times smaller.

Unstable portal in the Army worlds will now bring not just one, but four common potions guaranteed for each victory over a Deity, and chests in the Treasury will drop common and rare potions way more often.

Along with adding the "Metamorphosis" quest chain, the Titans have lowered the stats required on the Deities' common levels to the stats of a hero in the full Ghost gear set upgraded by 3 stars.

That's all good news for today, hero (ain't ever got bad one).