A New Challenge

Titans are trying us again, hero. This time the changes concern Deities and Grand Arena rewards.

All Deities have their minimal stats, required for defeating a Deity successfully, changed (aside from this, normal and heroic modes now demand different stats). At the same time, eight Deities have become more demanding to the number of potions required. Grand Arena has new rewards which have replaced guild potions and Guardian sets - Edicts. Each Edict gives a bonus on receiving gear, Deity blood (including Phoenix), and other rewards (the full list can be seen at the Grand Arena). Guild Edict is issued at the end of season dependent on guild rating position, and doesn't change till the end of next season.

Grand Arena seasons have been shortened, along with some cooldowns. From now on, a season will last 5 days, a break between seasons - 2 days. Cooldown between wars - 3 to 6 hours. Golems are now hired once per season (recruitment and upgrade prices have been increased respectively), and their upgrade now only requires Blood of Deities. Additionally, stats of the hired Golems have changed.

At the normal Deity modes, a new reward has appeared - 10 rare whetstones. Each stone gives 10 upgrade points for rare and perfect items.

"Mana Stream" combat technique is finally transferred into combat bonuses priced in gold (for all battle types).

Heroes that are not members of guilds are also getting some news - each guild-free hero who passes into Flameworld will gain access to a daily quest chain "Dragon breeder", whose completion may be rewarded by keys of Arena Master's, Blacksmith's, and Merchant's chests.

Heroes who have guild membership are now entitled to replacing unpopular leaders. Any guild veteran hero can start a voting for impeaching the current guild head (to do this, one needs to put a 'cross' near guild leader's name in the guild hero list). All guild veterans (those who were vets at the time of voting) can vote for any candidate while the election lasts (24 hours). The winning hero becomes a guild leader, the loser gets banished from the guild.

That's all news, hero, look out for the next one!