Phoenix Reborn

Yet again Deities from the unknown worlds deprive us of peace, hero! This time it concerns Soul Well of Flameworld. Right in it, unexpectedly for all Mages and Shamans, a portal into a fiery world ruled by mighty Phoenix has opened. Warlords are hastily rectuiting volunteers to deal with the fire god.

Acees to the portal with Phenix is available via the Soul Well (the Well-related daily event is emporarily cancelled) in Flameworld. Battle can be entered by 10 tо 30 heroes wearing masks: Cursed Marid, Warrior or Shihab. To participate in a battle one must select any role and press Fight button. Battles begin regularly, once an hour the whole day. Each battle requires one piece of the broken portal key. The portal itself opens 15 minutes prior to battle start, till then a battle role cannot be selected. If a battle application gathers more than 30 heroes, the battle will be split into several.

As a reward for a battle each participant can receive Phoenix Chest, which is guaranteed to provide an eternal gear item of epic quality. If the Chest isn't dropped, the hero receives a few Phoenix Blood drops. This Deity's blood drops cannot be stored in the Backpack, so the Titans will take care of the drops (number of drops earned by the hero can be viewed in the Phoenix Blood item description in the Soul Well). The more drops a hero has, the higher their chance is to receive the Phoenix Chest in next battle. Each beneficial action in a battle adds to the blood drops: 1 drop for Marid's actions, 2 drops for Warrior's actions and 5 drops for Shihab's actions. When another Phoenix Chest is received, all collected drops vanish. The drops are only given for defeating the Deity.