Spring is here

Blacksmith has brought amazing news, hero, and I hurry to share them with you. After difficult and diligent work he managed to forge a new set of perfect gear – the Champion set. Base stats and bonuses of this set are fully identical to the level 10 perfect gear set. There are a few peculiarities, however. Firstly, this set can be equipped by a hero of any level, аnd secodnly, upgrading this set in the Forge will give a higher stats sum. Besides, speaking of the Forge. Lots of interesting has happened there.

Item upgrading.

Blacksmith has decided that giving same stats bonuses for each star isn’t fair, so from now on each following star will give a higher stats sum than the previous one (since the third star is way more expensive than the first one).

Bonuses from upgrading epic items have become higher (all current upgraded epic items heroes have on hands have been updated).

Upgrading common (grey) items no longer interests Blacksmith, so he has disabled this option.

Thereat, upgrading and reforging rare and ghost items now require gold only (even upon repeat). However, upgrading the Ghost set has become a ta more expensive in both points and gold.
Blackshmith has heard heroes’ complaints regarding amount of excessive totems in their backpacks, and allowed to use them for gear upgrading.


Blacksmith has decided to simplify rare item alchemy, so from now on receiving a month-long perfect gear requires only ‘Silver’ runes disregarding the initial rare item level. Besides, any monthly gear item has stats identical to the Champion set stats.

Yet those willing to obtain temporary epic gear are facing bad news – perfect rune ‘Gold’ is no longer issued directly at the Deities’ heroic stages. Nevertheless, heroes fighting at the Arena of Champions (and opening the Champion’s Chest in the Treasury) can still obtain the required number of runes. Each victory over a Deity at a heroic stage will reward the whole group with one Ancient Treasure, which can be unlocked with a Key one can get from a Champion’s Chest. With a chance, the unlocked treasure can provide an epic quality item or a ‘Gold’ rune.

Full of passion over the new set, Blacksmith has forbidden upgrading old perfect items.

Chests haven’t missed his attention either, and he has offered a few improvements of Treasury.


Many potions as well as totems have changed their location in the Treasury, and now they can be found in: Recruit’s Chest (common potions and totems), Arena Master’s Chest (rare potions and totems), Champion’s Chest (perfect potions and totems) or Merchant’s Chest (perfect potions). Hero’s Flag and Arena Giants have temporarily left the Treasury.

In the Champion’s Chest the aforementioned Key to all locks has appeared.

Runes in the Arena Master’s Chest were removed as superfluous (except for the ‘Silver’ rune). All runes owned by heroes were substituted with the ‘Silver’ rune.

Perfect items in the chests were substituted with the Champion set gear.

Number of openings till the lucky one has been increased for Arena Master’s, Blacksmith’s and Merchant’s Chests. Opening Merchant’s Chest has been reduced to 15 crystals.

Amount of gold dropped from Merchant’s Chest has been decreased, yet its appearance frequency has been increased multiple times!


All skills now provide higher bonus to stats, combat techniques and potions. Moreover, price of learning 6th levels for some skills has been reduced.


Day-long perfect gear set has been temporarily removed from the shop shelves.


Spring has come to the Worlds of the Necklace. Titans’ gifts (for gaining the specified experience) have been added with new potions ‘Angelic essence’ which enable transforming into beautiful and mighty Light Angel in a fight.