Gifts of Love

Winds od Necklace brought new changes! First of all, the following gear sets were rebalanced: ghostly set, epic set and perfect set of the level 10. They all became more powerful, and Ghostly set now requires level 7. From now on, epiс set with no reinforcements is more power than perfect level 10 set enchanced up to 3 stars. Ghostly set with 3 stars, in its turn is only a bit weaker than perfect level 10 set with 3 stars.

Some other aspcets were correspondingly updated.


Requirements for all Deities were changed (you can check them yourself in Lairs). Totems of two Deities with the same characteristic (i.e. Akatananusi and Momus Totems) now have equal bonus, but you can get a more powerfull totem out of those two in the Forge.

Premium Masks

Starting from today all Cobat abilities of Frost, Horror and Inferno masks were changed:
  • Freeze deals 200% of damage. Upon dealing damage, with a chance that depends on the difference of your Shield and your opponent's Shield freezes the opponent (Successful use is guaranteed if your Shield is twice as much as your opponent's); Freeze prevents the opponent from using potions or artefacts from the belt.
  • Inferno deals 100% of damage. With a chance that depends on difference between your Damage and your opponent's Damage (Successful use is guaranteed if your Damage are equal), applies Inferno Breach effect, which deals 200% damage to the Health of your opponent in the end of the next turn. Doesn’t protect from the Freeze anymore.
  • Pumkin Poison inflicts 100% damage. With a chance that depends on difference between your Fury and your opponent's Fury (Successful use is guaranteed if your Fury are equal), casts "Poison" for the next 2 turns, that deals 100% damage each turn


You can reinforce items only with items of the same quality or lower by stage (i.e perfect items can be reinforced with perfect or rare items).

New trophies

Six new positions were added to the List of trophies. Now you can get unique pets. Be careful, those pets can’t be restored!

Gifts from Titans

Now you get the rewards not only for level ups, but also for achieving milestones within levels.

Gifts of Love

New event that will bring you a new appearance is now available. Check it now!

That’s all news, hero!