Golem masks

Nice news from Grand Arena, hero. All heroes that have already received masks of Portal Defender, Marshal, Secutor, or Bandit can complete new quests, which are rewarded with respective Golem masks. The quests involves gathering mask shards, which can be obtained in two ways: firstly, if the guild wins a battle at the Grand Arena, each Golem that fought at the winning side has a chance to gift a mask shard to its owner (Golem will send it in a letter); secondly, directly in the Crucible of a respective Golem (item in the Backpack which is given upon the quest start) one can buy the shards (the first one can be obtained from the Crucible for free).

The remaining news is equally good: from now on a tamed Golem dies and leaves the battle, which will make Grand Arena battles signifficantly quicker; "Taming" skill will display the chance of successful taming (in the pop up hint); and in the paws of Dragons "Taming" skills have received additional abilities!
Merchant goes on treating heroes with discounts - this time he's reduced the price of purchasing and defending slots twofold. Hurry up, the event finish time is unknown!

Yet the Titans have announced something less pleasant - in all battles, except for those with monsters and in lairs, they have limited the maximum amount of potential experience (depends on the level of hero who receives it).