New rules

Hurry to the Grand Arena, hero, new season is going to start soon! It has new rules - hurry up to learn them all.

The biggest change has involved battles in a war - this season the battles will begin automatically as soon as their time comes. Each battle will be entered by: all golems of both participating guilds; all heroes of guilds that applied for the battle (pressed the button "Participate in a battle"). Role of heroes in battles is similar to the one of Guardians and the Invisible (Golems protect them from damage; heroes can build up "guild rage" to use "Flame", which either defeats an opposite hero, Guard or the Invisible, or tames an opposite Golem). The battle is over when there are no living heroes, Guards and the Invisible on one side. Battles is a war start every 3 hours (cooldown before the first battle - 4 hours, just as before).

Golem taming and "Mana stream" have been attributed to "Bonuses", and techniques: Freeze, Inferno, Pumpkin posion and Execute work just like in other battles. Besides, Golem taming is now available in masks of Champion, Hero, Defender, and Robber.

"Guild rage" is now added only when Golem taming attempt fails (Golem gets the "Anger" status), and only one random hero, Guard or the Invisible gets it. Each Golem still defends a random hero, Guard or the Invisible (at the beginning of every turn). Golems have received an additional combat technique - in case a Golem is opposed by identical enemy Golem (for example, Twig against Twig), Golems try to tame each other (with a chance dependent on comparison of the respective stats).

"Flame" of Guards and the Invisible is similar to the "Flame" of heroes, it defeats a hero, Guard or the Invisible standing opposite to the Guard, or tames an opposite Golem.

Counter attack in this season switches on automatically, Sabotage is available immediately upon beginning the first battle in a war.

Rewards in this season have been changed, essences and dragon souls will be given to many more guilds!

Good news are coming to those who owns masks of Dragons and Golems - their stats have been significantly increased. Masks of Golems have received additional combat techniques increasing chosen ally's one combat stat for 1 turn (technique bonuses are identical to Guild potion bonuses).

Merchant has disabled discounts on opening Chests, but has decided to cheer heroes with a new opportunity to buy eternal Backpack expansion ("+" button in the Backpack). Expansion price will grow with each expansion purhased, yet is independent of the current volume (for heroes who already increased their backpack on holidays).