Best deals

Resourceful Merchant can't seize to amaze, hero. Today he has decided to amaze us with two news at once.

Firstly, he has decided to remake the Master Crystal offer - now after purchasing the first master crystal (1 + 24 bonus crystals) a new offer on 125 crystals (1 + 124 bonus crystals) becomes available; after purchasing it another one on 250 crystals becomes available, followed by 500 and 1000. Merchant believes these offers' prices will be a welcome surprise for heroes!
Secondly, the Shop now has Shaman chest Keys, which can be purchased till the very end of the holiday.
And the Titans have decided not to cheer anyone today! As a response to some heroes' attempts to gain levels quickly by losing at the Arena of Champions, they have decreased the amount of experience recieved upon defeat, down to 20 points for any level.