Happy new year

Christmas has passed, and New Year is coming!

Holiday season brought many adventures! In addition to last year’s event, there is a new one - Elf Shaman - that wil bring you a very special artefact, Father Frost avatar (or a Snow Girl).

But not everything in the garden is rosy: artful old Fir Tree is trying to spoil the holiday. Only you can prevent it by fighting under the Fir Tree. If you win, you will be rewarded with a Key to the Elf Shaman Chest that covers many interesting prozes, including Shaman avatar.

Holiday events will end at noon (UTS +3) on January 9.
Right dress! Attention! From now on guilds are having new ranks: rookie, recruit and veteran. Upon joining a guild each hero receives a “Rookie” rank. Rookies are limited in their activities, they don’t get rewards for guild quests, they cannot be assigned a role or given items from guild storage. Having collected 5.000 guild points a rookie becomes a recruit. Recruit can be assigned some roles, they receive rewards for guild quests. Having collected 25.000 guild points a recruit transforms into a veteran. Veterans have no limits and can use all guild features.
Besides, the Titans have reduced points for winning at the Arena of Champions for the task "Celebration in honour of Champions", and delay before joining any guild after leaving a previous one is now 1 week long.

To sugar the pill from guild changes, the Titans have made Merchant decrease prices for some of his items for unspecified time!
Winds of the Necklace have brought fresh hews, hero! The Titans are worried about the amount of Charter violations, and have decided to limit all heroes directly in their interaction with parallel avatars (mults).
Since today, it's forbidden:
  • to attack mults at the Arena of Champions;
  • join a guild which is already hosting mults;
  • at the Grand Arena, challenge a guild which host at least one mult of at least one member of the challenging guild;
  • contract mults on the Market, or accept contracts from them.
If provisions prohibiting mults joining the guild or challenging a guild with mults at the Grand Arena are violated, all mults will be automatically removed from both guilds.

To avoidcomplex situations, the Titans have declared a once-only amnesty of all mults.

You can read more about mult interaction limits and other instructions in the User Help Centre ("?" button on the chat panel).