50% off

Winter came to the Necklace of Worlds and brought interesting news.

Firstly, unstable portal is going to change its derection and unleash to the Worlds a new monster - Basilisk. It will appear once Manticore is gone.

Secondly, the Invisible announced a new Grand Arena season. It will last 10 days. During this season all heroes will be able to use a new wepon - Horn of Dissonance. Being used against a standing opposite Golem, it has a chance to tame this Golem till the end of a battle. The chance depends on the difference between hero’s characteristics and characteristics of the target. Attention, heroes! This artifat is useless without a Crystal trap. Look into the Arena Master’s Chest and then go to the Forge to fill the trap with the Deities’ blood.

Thirdly, Arena Master decided to celebrate the winter with a WHOLE WEEK of discounts. Skills learning and speeding up are now half off. The discount will end on December 8.

Watch the news, Hero!