Black Friday

Fashion trends have reached the worlds of the Necklace, and Merchant has announced a discount week! Till the end of the month he offers everyone to buy masks from his Chest with an unparalleled discount of 60%. Just like in the Chest, one cannot purchase a mask without having all previous ones from the set. And owners of Secutors, Bandits, Marshals and Portal Defenders will be able to purchase Golem masks (5th masks of respective sets). Merchant would like to remind that his generosity ends at midnight December the 1st!

And since mask prices might strike somebody as too steep, Merchant will return all the heroes who visit the worlds of the Necklace during the discount period bonuses for the first Bank purchase!

And again a news on the Unstable portal, hero! Apparently, once in a while the portal changes its direction, and delivers heroes into a new world. Mages and Shamans have calculated that on December 1 the portal will open into a world of a terrifying Manticore - ancient Deity of one of the abandoned worlds. Defeating Manticore requires Assassins and Lynxes (or Hyenas), two types of potions (crafted in the Forgeе) and Damage no lower than 220. As a reward all heroes will receive a random potion of common quality and a chest with a day-long equipment of rare quality, upgraded by 3 stars. Those who have already obtained the "Manticore" mask will be able to get a chest with its essences.

And since the portal isn't going to shut down anytime soon, the Titans have established non-recurrent rewards for every hero who defeats a portal Deity (the reward can be viewed in the Backpack, Trophies tab).

Aside from that, from now on in a faight against a portal Deity both Eagles and Lions can appear simultaneously.

No more news, hero, you'll have to wait for a week!