Four elements

Urgent news, hero! Mages and Shamans of the Necklace have dicscovered a secret of mysterious portals, which have recently appeared in the New Village and Slums. Apparently, crossing such a portal requires putting together three key shards. First researchers have found behind the portal a mysterious location habited by a mighty Griffin!

To enter the Unstable portal to the Griffin, one needs three volunteers weaing masks of Defender of the World of Eagles (or Lions), upgraded at least up to 2 skulls. Every one of them must have at least 2350 Health and carry at least 6 Power potions (can be crafted in the Forge).

To ease the search for a group to enter the portal, Mages and Shamans have created a special mechanism - one can just apply (tick a box "Select a role" and push "Fight" button), after that you can mind your own business - the group will be assigned automatically.
Defeating the Griffin can be rewarded with a chest containing a rare equipment set, upgraded by 3 stars (for one day), and owners of a Griffin mask can receive a chest with essences of Griffin, which drops a random number of essences.

And hurry up, hero, this unstable portal closes in 8 days!

But these aint all news. In the worlds of the Necklace a new set of masks has appeared - Elemental. The first four masks of the set can already be obtained by reaching an end of a chain of battles at each of the Darksides. The fifth mask, Wyvern, isn't available yet. As the main stat, Elemental masks have received Health, and a combat skill "Shadow strike" enables dealing guaranteed 175% damage (Shadow strike cannot be dodged or absorbed).

Besides, regarding masks, The Titans have a bit refined the list of masks in My House, and now even a quick glance at the masks is enough to realize which ones can be upgraded. The Titans have also tackled the Messages menu, signifficantly upgrading letter management.

No more news, hero, don't be a stranger!