Titans don`t stay idle, hero. This time they`ve set their eyes on the Darkside of worlds of the Necklace and have brought plenty of changes into its structure. Firstly, the fourth portal has opened, leading to the Darkside of Flameworld's Old Harbour. Access to each portal now depends on player`s Might (the higher the Might is, the more portals are available).

Secodnly, the Darkside's enemies and rewards have changed. From now on, in every Darkside location you can find a pack of 10 elementals. In a combat, an elemental copies a random hero from the real world, acquiring all of their skills and techniques (except from the Champion potion effects). As a reward for defeating the ghost of a hero, you are guaranteed to receive an essence corresponding to the hero`s mask. Between elemental fights, as it has always been on the Darkside, hero`s Health, Shield, and Mana don't regenerate.

A hero who completes the whole chain entirely is guaranteed to receive one of the ghost chests (each Darkside location has a chest of a different quality), from which one of the Treasury keys can be received, and with a chance, an item from the new Level 4 Ghost set (the higher chest's quality, the higher the probability of receiving good rewards). If hero didn`t manage to defeat all ten elementals, they can obtain a chest as well, but probability of this event depends on how far the hero has advanced along the chain.

Thirdly, the Titans have removed the option of purchasing portal Keys for crystals, or restoring them using guild requests; they`ve also reduced their maximum number to 3.

That`s all, hero!