Thick or treat

A true spawn of other worlds has materialized in the Necklace to rue its dreadful harvest. It's said this is the Impudent Pumpkin! Along he's brought infinite hordes of terrible creatures. Don't let them draw the worlds into darkness.

Complete the new quest from the Invisible, slaying a hundred of vile monsters. As a reward for this, each hero will receive the rernowned dagger of perfect quality - Pumpkin Cutter! It can be encahnced with totems in the forge.

Превосходное Зелье тыквовидения Превосходный тотем Ловца кошмаров Тыкворез
Complete the “King Jack” quest series to get a new unique pet - Dragon of Horror. But remember that this pet can only be fed with a special treats. Look into the Store to find them (available only until the end of the event). You can’t heal this pet in case it is exhausted from hunger.

Have a Happy Halloween, Hero!