A new golem

The Titans just can't help it, hero, trying to improve the masks (in their perspective, of course). Today they grasped at stars and decreased their number on masks from the sets: Beast, Berserk, Altar Guard, Hero, Defender, Champion, and Robber. Yet don't sweat it, all respective monsters were also weakened. And masks from the Premium set got their Dexterity boosted and Accuracy shrunk.

But that's not all changes with the masks, hero. Virtually all masks (except some from the sets: Beast, Berserk, and Altar Guard) received the latest - fifth - boost! Now you can get even stronger!

Besides, Mages and Shamans of the worlds of the Necklace are redy to grant everyone who has conquered the City of the Dead secrets of new masks - Griffin, Basilisk, and Manticore.

At the same time the preparations for the next - third - season of Grand Arena have begun, were Golem ranks will be joined by Obelisk - the last Golem from the defender four. And blood of Celaeno and Molpa has been added to the Grand Arena rewards.

The 3rd Gran Arena season starts today.

No more news, hero!