New guild roles

A huge amount of fresh news have been brought by the winds of the Necklace, hero! Let's begin with simple things - the Fort of the Reborn is facing a new trouble - by some unthinkable whim of fate a new Deity has appeared next to the Fort, not in a Lair as usually. Hurry to the Cradle and help to destroy Celaeno - a mighty harpy which came from some world on the Necklace we haven't still discovered. You'll be rewarded in the usual way - with Celaeno's blood and her totem, as well as with an epic quality shield - the Titan's Wall!

While wars are raging at the Grand Arena, the Titans don't stay idle, hero. On the threshold of the second season they ahev applied small yet nice and useful changes.
Guild Leaders don't have to bear their burden alone anymore, part of their duties they can now reassign to any guild hero. In order to do that, a Leader has to tap 'Edit' button in the guild hero list in the first tab of the 'Guild' menu.

And now to the best part - the second season of Grand Arena starts today! Just like the last time, the season will last 2 weeks.

And that' the new stuff the Titans have prepared in this season:
  • cooldown both guilds receive after the war isn't fixed anymore, but random ranging from 12 to 24 hours (used to be 8 hours);
  • Golmes' stats have been changed;
  • guild potions for Damage, Health and Shield have become a bit more potent, Rage potions - a bit weaker;
  • the next - 6th - level of golem upgrade has become available;
  • number of points awarded for Grand Arena battles is no more dependent on number of participants (golems as well as heroes), for a win the guild will anyway be awarded 1000 points;
  • reward chests with day-long equipment and eternal epic items have doubled in number;
  • additional reward for positions 4 to 9 have appeared;
  • Essence Chests can now provide a specific desired Dragon Essence;
  • Gran Arena wars now have Sabotage.
We should tell a bit more about Sabotage, hero. They're available only if a defending guild has counterattacked. Each hero of every guild can perform one sabotage per 24 hours. If a hero agrees to perform sabotage, the Invisible within one hour looks for heroes of the enemy guild who are fighting monsters in a city or in a Lair, and offers interfering in this battle supporting monsters. Resulting from such battle, every defeated enemy hero brings the guild 100 points on its score in the current war. No additional rewards (shards or lost items) are awarded in the sabotage! Thus the result of a war won't only depend on successful Golem battles!

And as a final titbit - a few small news.

To make saboteurs' job more difficult, the Titans have allowed to summon guild partners to monster battles in cities. Besides, maximum monster battle duration in lairs and at the Arena is now limited. When a battle becomes too long, the Titans punish all the participants horribly by isolating the fight from interference and damaging all heroes and monsters every turn.

Some tiny novelties in the Market will help the stricken to obtain a Dragon. Any hero wielding a Dragon Essence can market it contracting a specific hero (meaning it can only be purchased by a hero who receives the contract).

Aside from that, Mages and Shamans of the Necklace have finally deciphered an ancient scroll, which describes Dragons' additional combat skills, and happily provide the translation for every hero to get a look at. Once can also revie Dragon's combat skills in their House.

And that's, perhaps, enough news, hero!