Grand Arena is here

The second part of Angkor Treasure Hunt is launched. Time to find the next piece of the Map! Hurry upm this quest series can be completed until September 14!

Tremble, hero, blood-soaked Grand Arena opens its gates! Access to the Grand Arena can be gained in both forts of the Flameworld.

Grand Arena rules are very similar to the rules of a personal Arena of Champions – all guilds are ranked in the rating; any guild leader can challenge a guild of a higher rank. In case of a win guilds swap rating positions, in case of defeat nothing happens.
Challenged guild can either defend, or counter-attack the attacker. In the first case, the defending guild is only able to hire Golems (Golems are available for hire for any guild hero possessing a House in the Flameworld), which will fight at its side. In the second case, it will attack the assailants itself.

By the way, a word about Golems – they can be hired for one current war (they can’t be hired outside a war), and get banished after its end. Any Golem (except for a Guard) can be upgraded using Deities’ blood. When a Golem is banished (when the war is over, or when another Golem is hired), the resources spent aren’t refunded. Golem battle technique descriptions can be found in My House in the Flameworld. Aside from Golems, defending guild in every battle is being helped in each battle by the Invisible, whose level is always equal to guild leader’s. The Invisible possesses all the abilities of a Guard Golem.

The attacking (and in case of a counter attack, counterattacking) guild can perform no more than 5 battles in a war. In each battle, the attacking guild is represented by a group of heroes assembled in prior (groups are gathered in the ‘Guild’ menu in ‘Guild groups’ tab); the defending guild is represented by all the guild’s Golems and the Invisible. At the end of a battle, each guild’s points are calculated based on the following rules: a defeated Golem – 10 points, a defeated hero – 100 points, a win – 500 points. The war is won by a guild which collects the biggest number of points after all the battles.Grand Arena features a season system – all guilds are rewarded for their rating simultaneously, at the end of a season. Subsequent to the season results, guilds that never challenged anyone during a war are eliminated from the rating (except for the guild on the 1st place); their positions are given to guilds from lower ones.

A bit more about battle rules:
  • Maximum duration of one war is 24 hours;
  • After the war both guild receive 8 hour cooldown, when nobody can atack the guild or challenge it; at the end of the cooldown one random opponent will be chosen from the list of those who have challenged the guild, and a war will begin;
  • After the war any guild can start searching an opponent as attacker right away.
  • Guard and the Invisible don't receive damage from daggers if they have defence against Golems;
  • Leaving a battle with a "hero's banner" gives the opposite guild as many points as a defetaed hero in a mask.
Guild rating is added into Grand Arena "Rating" menu. And most importantly - having put together 50 respective Essences and 2500 Dragon Souls, any hero can receive a mask of the respective Dragon!

Behold the new rules of receiving masks from the "Robber" set, and its fourth mask - "Bandit". One can obtain these masked fighting at Grand Arena successfully!
Yet grand Arena isn’t the only thing worth living in the Necklace! The Titans are informing that groups of monsters in the lairs have been changed and fixed – since now, attacking the specific lair stage a hero will face the same group of monsters.

That's all news for today, hero!