Grand Sale

Greet the MEGA SALE, heroes!

Only for one week, until 2 PM (UTC +3) on August 24 there is a 50% discount on all presets with gold and crystals! Don’t miss this chance to get resources at the BEST PRICE!

Reinforcement has arrived into the Champion mask set - Secutor mask; any hero who reaches 500th position in the Arena of Champions ranking can receive it. The Merchant already obtained Secutor essences, and immediately put them in the Blacksmith’s chest in the Treasury.

City market has opened its doors again - any hero can buy and sell one of the six Deities' Blood.

And lucky owners of epic quality gear can now receive shard's of these items for repair. Just like with other items, epic quality shards are obtained via spraying epic items in the Forge.

Aside from that, the Titans have finally put things right in heroes’ Backpacks, sending all the excessive items to the Storage (today it’s time for Shards and Whetstones).

The HQ has been closed by the Invisible for a while, but soon it’ll open its doors again having renewed rewards and quests!

And for the chat lovers, the Titans have renewed the emoticons, and animated them!

That’s all news for today, hero, but there will definitely be more!