Treasure Hunt

High Priest has dug up an interesting story in the Cradle's dusty archives, hero! It appears that one of the Necklace worlds hosts an abandoned city named Angkor. One of the ancient heroes managed to get in and bring there teeming treasures. And though his time in this world wasn't long, he hid the treasures well. And the map showing where they had been buried was divided into a few pieces and hid around the inhabited worlds. You, hero, face a unique oppotunity to find the first piece of this map, don't waste it! You can only start completing the first stage of "Angkor Treasures" before the 9th of August; after this date, Priest will not give you the quest! Heroes who complete all the quest stages and assemble the entire map will receive a unique reward.

But that's not all news, hero. Blacksmith goes on with his experiments, and since today the epic quality item Reforge has become available to you. And for heroes who managed to loose all their equipment in battles, the Shop offers chests with timed perfect equipment, upgraded by 3 stars, which will help an unlucky hero obtain eternal gear in Lairs.

The Titans, just as promised, boosted crystal monsters, as well as some unique monsters in Flameworld Lairs. And the power of crystal monsters of the Darkside was also increased, but common monsters that live in the Lairs and raid the cities are weakened.

Merchant has flung the doors to the Treasury open - a new Bank is now available to all Heroes with new options to purchase crystals and gold and, what is more important, lots of new bonuses! Each purchase option now has its own bonus.

The most generous fat cat of the Necklace, Merchant, offers a unique proposition - "30 day subscription". Hero that purchases this option witll immediately receive 25 crystals, and the same number every day for 29 subsequent days; thus, eah subscription will bring enormoussum of 750 crystals! Hurry, as this opton may soon be gone!

At the same time, Merchant wants to inform you of the start of the global Necklace of the Worlds lottery! Every day each hero will receive one Brass lottery ticket absolutely for free. An opened ticket will provide a small, yet nice random temporary bonus. And soon we'll see silver and golen tickets with more lucrative and interesting bonuses.

And now the news is over, hero, have fun!